The SITRANS RD200 is a universal input, panel mount remote digital display for process instrumentation.

The RD200 is a universal remote display for level, flow, pressure, temperature, weighing, and other process instruments. Data can be remotely collected, logged and presented from as many as 100 displays on your local computer using the free downloadable RD Software.

The display accepts a single input of current, voltage, thermocouple, and RTD. This makes the RD200 an ideal fit for use with most field instruments.

The RD200 can be set up as a standard panel mount, or combined with optional enclosures to allow it to house up to 6 displays.

Key Applications: tank farms, pump alternation control, local or remote display of level, temperature, flow, pressure and weighing instrument values, PC monitoring and data logging with RD Software.


  • Easy setup and programming via front panel buttons or remotely using RD software
  • Display readable in sunlight
  • Universal input: accepts current, voltage, thermocouple, and RTD signals
  • Single or dual 24 V DC transmitter power supply
  • Analog to Modbus RTU conversion as standard feature
  • Two optional relays for alarm indication or process control applications
  • Linear or square root function supported
  • Meter Copy feature to reduce setup time, cost, and errors
  • RD software supports remote configuration, monitoring and logging for up to 100 displays
  • Other features include: 4 to 20 mA Analog Output Option, pump alternation control, and optional NEMA 4 and 4X field enclosures
  • Large display option for improved visibility at greater distances