Simatic WinAC

Industrial PCs are becoming more important in the field of automation. Typical PC applications range from human machine interfacing to data processing. Frequently, these tasks do not need the full PC computing performance. So why not utilize currently unused resources by turning your industrial PC into a PC-based controller? A compatible PLC software empowers any industrial PC to perform as a PC-based controller – also as a fail-safe controller. Siemens offers a comprehensive range of solutions for this

PLC Software from Siemens

When using a PC based controller, users rely on the ruggedness and open architecture of industrial PCs, coupled with the powerful SIMATIC WinAC software PLC. A SIMATIC S7 is integrated into the industrial PC as a software PLC and the PC-based controller is configured and programmed with STEP 7 in exactly the same way as a normal S7 controller. All the automation components are integrated into a single industrial PC, resulting in a complete and cost-effective solution. SIMATIC WinAC RTX F is the first failsafe software PLC with TUEV Certification.