the SIMATIC S7 as software controller

SIMATIC WinAC RTX is the SIMATIC software controller for PC-based automation solutions and permits real-time capable, deterministic control functions to be carried out on the PC.

Range of application

SIMATIC WinAC RTX is particularly suitable for automation tasks where, in addition to control functions, it is necessary to solve true real-time, a high data volume, and fast technological functions on a PC platform. The optimized runtime system supports the processing of extensive and demanding PC applications in parallel with the control task.

In order to optimize the capacity utilization, state-of-the-art technologies such as Multi Core are used – for example one core for Windows applications and one for the SIMATIC

Optimum access to PLC runtime data like image processing, data logging, etc. is carried out by means of the WinAC option Open Development Kit (ODK). ODK applications are beeing programmed in a standard high-level language.
The integration is done by means of one of the interfaces

  • Custom Code eXtension (CCX) calls high-level language routines from the WinAC control program
  • Shared Memory eXtension (SMX) exchanges data fast between WinAC and the Windows application
  • Controller Management Integration (CMI) provides the WinAC control panel functions for own  PC applications

The performance of SIMATIC WinAC RTX can be scaled across the processor performance.
Applications range from machine-level control tasks with rugged embedded PCs to high-end applications on PCs with newest processor technology (e.g. SIMATIC IPC).To the top of the page


  • Multi-discipline through solving PC-typical applications (business software like e.g. MS Office and own, proprietary user programs in C++, VB, etc.) and automation tasks in just one system
  • Openness through installation on standard PC hardware platforms
  • SIMATIC Embedded bundles: Robust turnkey products, with preinstalled Windows operating systems and SIMATIC WinAC RTX
  • Investment security through the use of long-term available Industrial PCs while utilizing the continuous PC innovations and performance advancements at the same time
  • Simple communication through low-cost, integrated network interfaces
  • Reduced training effort through Engineering in the familiar SIMATIC STEP 7 environment

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Layout and function


SIMATIC STEP 7 is the one engineering software for all, the modular SIMATIC controllers
S7-300/S7-400 and the software controller WinAC.

SIMATIC WinAC RTX runs on standard PCs with MS Windows XP and embedded operating systems and is optimally matched to SIMATIC industrial PCs. Use on embedded PC platforms, such as the SIMATIC IPC 427C or the SIMATIC HMI IPC 477C, results in especially affordable and extremely robust solutions. SIMATIC WinAC RTX uses the main memory of the PCs and offers program backup on the hard disk/flash drive. Non-cyclic data, such as production parameters or recipe data, can be stored permanently on the memory of the PC with the help of system functions. In addition, all data can be held retentively in conjunction with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Connection of the I/O
SIMATIC WinAC RTX can control the distributed I/O not only via PROFIBUS, but also via PROFINET. The I/O is connected via PROFIBUS DP at up to 12 Mbit/s via the integral DP interface of the SIMATIC IPCs or via communication processors (CP 5611 A2/5613 A2).
You can operate up to four PROFIBUS lines with up to 500 slaves. In addition it is possible to connect the I/O via PROFINET. This requires either the integrated Ethernet interface of the SIMATIC IPC or a communication processor CP 1616 (PCI) or CP 1604 (PCI-104).
Furthermore WinAC RTX also supports the system function isochronous mode.
With isochronous mode, high-speed, time-dependent applications such as closed-loop controls can also be implemented with distributed I/O.

Technical data

WinAC RTX 2009
Order No. group:6ES7 671-0RC.
Basic features
RAM (integral) (code/data)PC memory (non-paged memory)
Number of inputs/outputs in total16/16 KB
Bit memory16 KB
S7 counters/timers2048/2048
Number of blocks (FB, FC, DB)Limited only by available PC work memory
PLC programming softwareSTEP 7, V5.4 SP4 or higher, Engineering Tools (optional)
with UPSAll data 1)
Instruction execution times
Bit / integer operation0.004 μs/0.003 μs
Floating-point operation (reference platform)0.004 µs (Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz)
DP connections
CP5613-A2 / 56034
CP5611/integrated interface of SIMATIC PCs, max.1
PN interface
PROFINET interface1 (either SIMATIC PC or Microbox)
Communication functions
PG/OP communication
S7 communication
Open User Communication (OUC)
Process data access via OPC
Isochronous mode● (PN and DP)
SIMATIC FMFM 350/351/352/ 353/354/355
Easy Motion Control
C/C++, VB, C# link● With ODK
Operator control and monitoring via SIMATIC interface
SIMATIC WinCC/WinCC flexible
Operating system
Windows XP Professional● (SP2, SP3)
Windows XP Embedded● (on XPe images of the SIMATIC PC)
Windows 7

1) 128 KB with specific SIMATIC PC without UPS