process controller: a powerful solution

Part of the SIMATIC process controller series, the S7-400 has been designed for system solutions in the fields of manufacturing and process automation. This process controller is ideal for data-intensive tasks that are especially typical for the process industry. High processing speeds and deterministic response times ensure short machine cycle times on high-speed machines in the manufacturing industry.

The most powerful Automation System within SIMATIC

Superb communication capability and integrated interfaces make the SIMATIC
S7-400 process controller ideal for larger tasks such as the coordination of entire systems.
The graded range of CPUs enables scalable performance and the capacity for I/O
periphery is virtually unlimited.
What’s more, process controller signal modules can be inserted and removed while the system is live (hot swapping), making it very easy to expand the system or replace modules.

Modular S7-410-Systems

The automation system AS 410 is the preferred system for new plants with SIMATIC PCS 7. Through the use of the innovative CPU 410-5H Process Automation the AS 410 covers the entire performance range of conventional SIMATIC S7-400 automation systems from AS 412 to AS 417.
You can now adapt the performance of your controllers precisely to the task at hand at any time and without interruption – without having to allow for the usual safety reserves.