SIMATIC RF650M data synchronization

The mobile SIMATIC RF650M UHF RFID reader was designed for flexible use under difficult conditions. This application example shows you how you can transfer read transponder data via a WLAN interface directly to a PC or S7 controller.
The comprehensive “RF650M” software supplied with the SIMATIC RF650M offers all functions required for reading and handling UHF transponders. There is only one function missing on the mobile handheld reader for the automatic transfer of read transponder data to a remote PC or S7 controller.

SolutionIn this application example the WLAN interface of the SIMATIC RF650M is used to send transponder data to a remote PC or PLC. For this purpose, simple applications and blocks have been created – one application for the mobile handheld reader and for the PC and S7 blocks for S7 controllers. The applications/blocks establish a TCP connection to each other and exchange the transponder data through it.

The transponder data is read out and transmitted via the mobile application. The PC application or S7 blocks only receives the transponder data and displays it to the user.