PROFINET for process automation

The industrial Ethernet switch SCALANCE XF204-2BA DNA (Dual Network Access) enables integration of S2 devices in a high-availability PROFINET system (R1 system) via what is termed as Y-Switch functionality.

  • Two ports of the Y-Switch enable the connection of S2 devices using the media redundancy method, MRP. This can be implemented selectively via copper or fiber optic in a ring structure.
  • The two other ports establish the network connection from the Y-Switch to a high-availability R1 system.

Y-switch functionality additionally increases the availability of a process plant and helps avoid plant standstills.

The BA 2xRJ45VD HA BusAdapter is capable of both standard Ethernet communication via 4-wire cables (twisted pair) and data transfer via 2-wire cables (single twisted pair). This means existing PROFIBUS DP infrastructures can continue to be used, thereby avoiding costly retrofitting at the field level in particular.


  • High availability of process plants
  • NAMUR NE 21-compliant
  • High level of flexibility due to use of bus adapters
  • Can be used in process automation thanks to conformal coating, extended temperature range (-40 °C to +70 °C) and extended installation altitude of 4000 m
  • Space savings due to slim design based on SIMATIC ET 200SP
  • Use of existing PROFIBUS cable infrastructure with the BA 2xRJ45VD HA BusAdapter