High performance for plant structuring

The SCALANCE X-300/XR-300 managed Industrial Ethernet switches are highly suited for configuring line, star and ring topologies (10/100 Mbps) in plants. Their modular design allows for easy system expansion using various media modules: up to 24 electric or four optical ports (BFOC/ST) for distances up to 26km.

The switches provide high-speed redundancy in the ring and, thanks of the C-PLUG removable medium, can be easily replaced in the event of a fault without specialized skills.

The MM992-2VD media module (variable distance), which is plugged into a modular SCALANCE X-300 switch or SCALANCE S627-2M security module, can use any two-wire cables for Ethernet connections up to 1000 m. This includes, for example, land lines, lines through fireproof bulkheads or along pipelines, which can be very difficult to replace. It can also be used to establish a PROFINET connection up to 300 m.

SCALANCE X-300 is available in various versions:

  • SCALANCE X-300 as compact device
  • SCALANCE XR-300 as modular rack version
  • SCALANCE X-300PoE/XR-300PoE with Power-over-Ethernet
  • SCALANCE XR-300TS for applications in the transportation sector


  • Wide-ranging IT functions for high-speed plant networks
  • Economical through flexible use of freely configurable basic units
  • Simple installation in the control cabinet due to 19″ design (SCALANCE XR-300)
  • Saving from network cable with Power-over-Ethernet through the transmission of data and power over a single line (SCALANCE X-300PoE/XR-300PoE)
  • Use in transportation applications (SCALANCE XR-300TS)