Operation in strict real time


Specially designed for strict real-time applications: The SCALANCE X-200IRT managed Industrial Ethernet switches (isochronous real time) are extremely versatile, they can be used for machine-level applications right up to networked plant sections in PROFINET environments.

The SCALANCE X-200IRT real-time switches with integrated real-time ASIC are ideal, for example, for high-performance, isochronous motion control applications.


  • SCALANCE XF204-2BA IRT in SIMATIC ET 200SP design can be fitted with various bus adapters
  • SCALANCE X-200IRT in compact design with different port configurations
  • SCALANCE XF-200IRT as flat as the ET 200S with easily accessible cable outlet


  • Universal in use for strict real-time requirements
  • Simple commissioning and engineering
  • Increased plant availability thanks to diverse functions
  • Flexible configuration of electrical and/or optical network topologies