SCALANCE X-000 unmanaged

Simple – space-saving – industry-standard

mplement a simple machine network at low cost: The SCALANCE X-000 unmanaged Industrial Ethernet switches are the space-saving entry-level solution for setting up small Industrial Ethernet topologies.

The SCALANCE X-000 unmanaged switches are ideal for simple machine networking because they are small, compact and low-cost.

SCALANCE XB-000 variants with 24 V AC can also be used for building automation, for example.


  • SCALANCE XB-000 with plastic housing for use in less demanding industrial environments from -10°C to +60°C
  • SCALANCE X005 with rugged metal enclosure for use in harsh industrial environments
  • SCALANCE XB004-1, XB004-1LD and XB005 with 24 V AC power supply for building automation