SCALANCE W1750D Controller-based Direct Access Points

Network management according to 11ac standard

The SCALANCE W1750D-2IA RJ45 controller-based Direct Access Points support radio transmission according to the latest IWLAN standard IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2. This new technology offers very high data transmission rates as required, for example, for video streaming.

Separate controller hardware and additional licenses are not necessary thanks to the integrated, virtual WLAN controller. The high-performance SCALANCE W1750D-2IA RJ45, which are available in different country-specific versions, manage wireless networks with up to 64 access points.

Typical areas of application include moderate ambient conditions as those in assembly halls and adjoining offices or open warehouses. Due to their attractive design, the SCALANCE W1750D Direct Access Points can also be installed in cafeterias and conference rooms.