Mounting Unit SIWAREX WL270 CP-S SB

The compact mounting kit SIWAREX WL270 KE CP-S SB makes it easy to mount the load cell and allows for safe and reliable operation.

The mounting kit and the load cell are made of stainless steel and both can be installed in aggressive environments. The mounting kit is delivered pre-assembled and it can be used as a mounting “dummy” for your application. As the load cell is at this point not included it is possible to undertake welding or other installation work without risk of damaging the load cell. Inserting the load cell is child’s play: First release the clamp allowing you to insert the load cell. After that, the clamp can be tightened – the load cell is now fixed. Last step is to lower the load carrier, which is done via hex-nuts in a very safe and controlled way.

The design is self-aligning and allows horizontal displacements up to 8 mm. Additional safety features include the integrated overload protection and lift lock. If the load cell is damaged in any way, it can be replaced by lifting the top plate of the mounting kit and exchanging the load cell.


 Material stainless steel


  • Ease of mounting the load cell. 
  • Applicable as mounting and welding “dummy”. 
  • Self aligning, allowing a maximum horizontal displacement of 8 mm. 
  • Lift lock integrated. 
  • Easy replacement of load cell.