Heavy Duty Quarter Turn Type

The Daeju of heavy duty scotch yoke actuators offer a broad range of torques to 250,000 Nm. All the Daeju of quarter-turn scotch-yoke actuators actuators are designed designed and manufactured manufactured for the transmission of high torque suited for ball or butterfly valves, plug etc for on-off or throttling service. The design, engineering and materials used in prod i uct on ensure optimum performances in the heaviest work condition in every environment according to the international standard Specifications. In the central housing a slotted link kinematics provides to transform the linear motion of the rod into the rotary motion of the valve shaft. Our standard offering is the symmetrical design yoke that delivers maximum torque at both ends of the 90° cycle. The square slide bearing with guide bar gives high cycle life and smooth stroke while minimizing wear points. As with all Daeju actuators, our heavy duty series comes with a complete complete line of accessories accessories, including jackscrew, hydraulic overrides, limit switches, solenoids and positioners.