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SCALANCE X-400 managed / Layer 3

SCALANCE XM-400: Flexibility for your network



SCALANCE XM-400 switches offer you more – and effectively address the growing demands of your communication network. The pluggable transceivers with various connectors (for SC, ST/BFOC and LC connection technology) offer you maximum flexibility for automation networks. Thanks to their modular architecture, these Industrial Ethernet switches allow for tool-free expansion with port extenders.

With the help of the KEY-PLUG XM-400, Layer 3 functions can also be optionally activated – thus further increasing performance.

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Basic devices

  • SCALANCE XM416-4C: with 16x RJ45, 4x SFP slots
  • SCALANCE XM408-8C: with 8x RJ45, 8x SFP slots
  • SCALANCE XM408-4C: with 8x RJ45, 4x SxP slots (for transceivers with SC and ST/BFOC connection technology)

Port extenders 
To extend the basic devices to a maximum of 24 ports:

  • Port extender PE408: eight additional RJ45 ports
  • Port extender PE400-8SFP: eight additional SFP slots
  • Port Extender PE408PoE: eight additional RJ45 ports with PoE according to IEEE 802.3at Type 2 (suitable SCALANCE Power Supplies available separately)


  • Fast mobile network diagnostics for the first time by smartphone or tablet via WLAN
  • Electrical or optical networking via comboports, even during operation (hot swappable)


Use in harsh environments

The SCALANCE XR-300EEC (Enhanced Environmental Conditions) managed Industrial Ethernet Switches are racks switches for installation in a 19″ control cabinet and especially designed for power plants or extreme environmental conditions.

The SCALANCE XR-300EEC switches feature high noise immunity and can be used in an extended temperature range (-40°to +80C), for example, in energy automation applications.

Some of them are modular, in other words, up to four media modules can be freely plugged in, thus enabling flexible network construction or expansion.


  • Use in hazardous areas according to IEC 61850-3 / IEEE 1613
  • Wide-ranging IT functions for high-speed plant networks
  • Integration in the PROFINET diagnostics
  • Fast device replacement in case of fault is with the C-PLUG removable medium


High performance for plant structuring

The SCALANCE X-300/XR-300 managed Industrial Ethernet switches are highly suited for configuring line, star and ring topologies (10/100 Mbps) in plants. Their modular design allows for easy system expansion using various media modules: up to 24 electric or four optical ports (BFOC/ST) for distances up to 26km.

The switches provide high-speed redundancy in the ring and, thanks of the C-PLUG removable medium, can be easily replaced in the event of a fault without specialized skills.

The MM992-2VD media module (variable distance), which is plugged into a modular SCALANCE X-300 switch or SCALANCE S627-2M security module, can use any two-wire cables for Ethernet connections up to 1000 m. This includes, for example, land lines, lines through fireproof bulkheads or along pipelines, which can be very difficult to replace. It can also be used to establish a PROFINET connection up to 300 m.

SCALANCE X-300 is available in various versions:

  • SCALANCE X-300 as compact device
  • SCALANCE XR-300 as modular rack version
  • SCALANCE X-300PoE/XR-300PoE with Power-over-Ethernet
  • SCALANCE XR-300TS for applications in the transportation sector


  • Wide-ranging IT functions for high-speed plant networks
  • Economical through flexible use of freely configurable basic units
  • Simple installation in the control cabinet due to 19″ design (SCALANCE XR-300)
  • Saving from network cable with Power-over-Ethernet through the transmission of data and power over a single line (SCALANCE X-300PoE/XR-300PoE)
  • Use in transportation applications (SCALANCE XR-300TS)


Cost-optimized and small mounting depth

The cost-optimized managed SCALANCE XR 300WG 19″ rack switches (work group) have a small mounting depth, which means two switches can be installed on both sides to save space in the control cabinet. This makes them ideally suited for a wide variety of industry-related applications.

SCALANCE XR-300WG switches provides high availability on the network through features such as redundancy mechanisms (MRP) or virtual LANs (VLAN). They feature up to 28 Gigabit ports and combo ports and can also bridge long distances thanks to their fiber optic interfaces (SFP).


  • Cost-effective and space-saving 19″ control cabinet
  • Use in hazardous areas due to approvals such as ATEX Ex Zone 2
  • Full integration in PROFINET or Ethernet/IP diagnostics


Operation in strict real time


Specially designed for strict real-time applications: The SCALANCE X-200IRT managed Industrial Ethernet switches (isochronous real time) are extremely versatile, they can be used for machine-level applications right up to networked plant sections in PROFINET environments.

The SCALANCE X-200IRT real-time switches with integrated real-time ASIC are ideal, for example, for high-performance, isochronous motion control applications.


  • SCALANCE XF204-2BA IRT in SIMATIC ET 200SP design can be fitted with various bus adapters
  • SCALANCE X-200IRT in compact design with different port configurations
  • SCALANCE XF-200IRT as flat as the ET 200S with easily accessible cable outlet


  • Universal in use for strict real-time requirements
  • Simple commissioning and engineering
  • Increased plant availability thanks to diverse functions
  • Flexible configuration of electrical and/or optical network topologies

SCALANCE X-100 Media Converters

Customized conversion

The low-cost conversion of electrical signals into optical signals within Industrial Ethernet networks is made possible with the compact SCALANCE X101-1 media converter.


  • Conversion from one network to the other (electrical or optical)
  • Bridging distances of up to 26 km (single mode)
  • PROFINET-compliant securing collar for reliable data transmission
  • Fast diagnostics thanks to signaling contact


Switch product line for industry and buildings

SCALANCE XB-100 Industrial Ethernet switches have a high port density with up to 24 x RJ45 ports and a data rate of 10/100 Mbps. Its plastic enclosure makes it a lightweight, and its compact design makes it ideal for installation in control cabinets. Versions with fiber-optic connections enable setup of both electrical as well as optical line and star topologies.

All SCALANCE XB-100 devices are ideally suited to be used in the industry thanks to their redundant power supply of 24 V DC. On account of their 24 V AC power supply, the switches are also an excellent choice for the Ethernet connection of monitoring, control and optimization devices.


  • Up to 24 ports for large quantity structures at the field level
  • Reliable thanks to redundant power supply
  • Can be used for industry and buildings with 24 V DC or 24 V AC (50/60 Hz)
  • PROFINET CC-A compliant and suitable for hazardous areas of Zone 2 (ATEX, IECEx)


Cost-optimized and minimal mounting depth

The cost-optimized unmanaged SCALANCE XR 100WG 19″ rack switches (work group) have a small mounting depth, which means two switches can be installed on both sides to save space in the control cabinet. This makes them ideally suited for a wide variety of industry-related applications and control rooms. SCALANCE XR-100WG has up to 24 Fast Ethernet ports, and the 24 VDC versions with a redundant power supply can deliver reliable operation, even during power failures.


  • Cost-optimized and space-saving 19″ control cabinet
  • Use in hazardous areas due to approvals such as ATEX Ex Zone 2
  • Versions with 24 VDC and 100-240 VAC


With industry-standard design

The robust unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches SCALANCE XC-100 with electrical and/or optical port variants enable cost-optimized networking at the machine level – even with extreme temperature fluctuations.

With SCALANCE X108PoE, you also save on installation costs thanks to integrated Power-over-Ethernet functionality: Data and power are transferred over a single cable (Railway approval EN 50155).


  • Reliable and fail-safe thanks to redundant voltage infeed
  • Can be used under rough ambient conditions (-40°C to +70°C) and in hazardous areas of Zone 2 (ATEX, IECEx)
  • Cost savings due to matching product variants (up to 24 ports, Power-over-Ethernet) and industry-compliant retaining collar for reliable data transfer
  • Tested under extreme conditions
  • Fast error detection thanks to clear diagnostics LED

SCALANCE X-000 unmanaged

Simple – space-saving – industry-standard

mplement a simple machine network at low cost: The SCALANCE X-000 unmanaged Industrial Ethernet switches are the space-saving entry-level solution for setting up small Industrial Ethernet topologies.

The SCALANCE X-000 unmanaged switches are ideal for simple machine networking because they are small, compact and low-cost.

SCALANCE XB-000 variants with 24 V AC can also be used for building automation, for example.


  • SCALANCE XB-000 with plastic housing for use in less demanding industrial environments from -10°C to +60°C
  • SCALANCE X005 with rugged metal enclosure for use in harsh industrial environments
  • SCALANCE XB004-1, XB004-1LD and XB005 with 24 V AC power supply for building automation