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SIMATIC RF650M data synchronization

The mobile SIMATIC RF650M UHF RFID reader was designed for flexible use under difficult conditions. This application example shows you how you can transfer read transponder data via a WLAN interface directly to a PC or S7 controller.
The comprehensive “RF650M” software supplied with the SIMATIC RF650M offers all functions required for reading and handling UHF transponders. There is only one function missing on the mobile handheld reader for the automatic transfer of read transponder data to a remote PC or S7 controller.

SolutionIn this application example the WLAN interface of the SIMATIC RF650M is used to send transponder data to a remote PC or PLC. For this purpose, simple applications and blocks have been created – one application for the mobile handheld reader and for the PC and S7 blocks for S7 controllers. The applications/blocks establish a TCP connection to each other and exchange the transponder data through it.

The transponder data is read out and transmitted via the mobile application. The PC application or S7 blocks only receives the transponder data and displays it to the user.


Latest generation of high-performance programming devices in a semi ruggedized notebook design

The SIMATIC Field PG with its robust magnesium housing is well prepared for mobile applications in harsh environments: Shocks and vibrations, but also electromagnetic disturbances in machine-oriented industrial environments do not affect the device.  Equipped with all important automation interfaces, the connection to machines and systems is possible via PROFIBUS as well as via two fast PROFINET interfaces. Serial connections are also supported. The SIMATIC memory cards can be deleted and programmed directly in the corresponding slots. The pre-installed engineering software makes the SIMATIC Field PG ready for immediate use. The TIA Portal simplifies fast and efficient configuring, commissioning, service and maintenance. The SIMATIC Field PG is available in two performance choices: Comfort and Advanced

SIMATIC Field PG in a typical service mission

For mobile operations in industrial plants, the SIMATIC Field PG M5 offers both rugged hardware and pre-installed TIA Portal engineering software for fast and efficient configuring, commissioning, service and maintenance.

Thanks to the semi-ruggedized design, the SIMATIC Field PG is especially suitable for use in harsh industrial environments: From engineering of a plant in an office-like environment to testing and servicing close to a machine, all the way to maintenance jobs on the factory floor, everything is possible.

IWLAN RCoax Cable

the radiating cable for challenging radio environments


Operated as antennas from SCALANCE W access points, the RCoax radiating cables provide reliable radio links. The coaxial cable is rugged, easy to install and suitable for use in areas susceptible to explosions (Zone 2) without special approvals. Two versions are available for applications in Industrial Wireless LAN sector with the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands. They are connected to the SCALANCE W access points as external antennas. Mobile stations are connected via SCALANCE W client modules.


The radiating cables are laid alongside the traversing path of the mobile stations, for example, in the rail of an overhead monorail conductor. Due to its special radiation characteristic, it is an antenna that can be laid as a cable. It ensures a reliable radio link even at locations where otherwise complex omnidirectional or directional antenna would be required

Antennas and Accessories

A comprehensive antenna portfolio conforming to the IEEE 802.11 standard rounds off the IWLAN solution from Siemens. This includes both antennas and cabling systems as well as mounting accessories such as cables, lightning conductors and plug-in connectors.

Rugged enclosures and related protection against shock and vibration allow versatile use of the SCALANCE W products. The antenna portfolio is also part of this approach and is therefore industry-compatible.

SCALANCE W1750D Controller-based Direct Access Points

Network management according to 11ac standard

The SCALANCE W1750D-2IA RJ45 controller-based Direct Access Points support radio transmission according to the latest IWLAN standard IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2. This new technology offers very high data transmission rates as required, for example, for video streaming.

Separate controller hardware and additional licenses are not necessary thanks to the integrated, virtual WLAN controller. The high-performance SCALANCE W1750D-2IA RJ45, which are available in different country-specific versions, manage wireless networks with up to 64 access points.

Typical areas of application include moderate ambient conditions as those in assembly halls and adjoining offices or open warehouses. Due to their attractive design, the SCALANCE W1750D Direct Access Points can also be installed in cafeterias and conference rooms.

SCALANCE W720 Client Modules

User-friendly wireless networking

Implement wireless networking of machines easily and economically – with SCALANCE W760 access points and SCALANCE W720 client modules!

Due to their SIMATIC design, minimum space is required in the control cabinet when integrating automation components such as a SIMATIC ET 200SP seamlessly into an industrial WLAN – and according to IEEE 802.11n standard and with data rates of up to 150 Mbps.

Integrated iFeatures allow the SCALANCE W722-1 RJ45 to support video transmission, for example.

SCALANCE W730 Client Modules

Perfect for both inside and outside the control cabinet!

Transfer data wirelessly from the control cabinet in perfect interaction with SIMATIC S7-1500! Or you can even use our devices with degree of protection IP65 outside the control cabinet.

The SCALANCE W770 access points and SCALANCE W730 client modules in SIMATIC design reliably implement wireless communication between the controller and an ET 200SP, acting as a sort of header module.

Networks ranging from simple machine networks to large wireless areas can thus be implemented with data transmission rates of up to 300 Mbps.

Due to optional iFeatures provided by the KEY-PLUG W740 iFeature, it is even possible to perform wireless data communication in real-time with PROFINET via PROFIsafe.

Using the new client modules SCALANCE W738-1 M12, you have rugged devices conforming to IP65 which can be used in demanding ambient conditions. The compact design, as well as the many installation options using DIN-rail assemblies, angle adapters, or direct bolting to the wall, saves space and ensures flexibility.

SCALANCE W740 Client Modules

Indoors, outdoors, in harsh environments

Using real-time communication where reliable data transmission is required – and wireless! The SCALANCE W780 access points and W740 client modules support data rates of up to 450 Mbps by enhancing the IEEE 802.11n standard with iFeatures, allowing you, for example, to position fully mobile clients across several radio cells using MIMO technology.

This opens up new application areas, for example, along rail tracks, in holiday parks or even applications with EMERGENCY STOP function via a mobile panel – whether indoors, outdoors or in harsh environmental conditions.

SCALANCE W760 Access Points

User-friendly wireless networking

Implement wireless networking of machines easily and economically – with SCALANCE W760 access points and SCALANCE W720 client modules!

Due to their SIMATIC design, minimum space is required in the control cabinet when integrating automation components such as a SIMATIC ET 200SP seamlessly into an industrial WLAN – and according to IEEE 802.11n standard and with data rates of up to 150 Mbps.