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Pneumatic Linear Actuators

Linear Actuator consists of one pneumatic single acting cylinder designed to operate linear valves as globe or gate valves which require a fail-safe action to close by means of spring return. Linear Actuator is designed and manufactured so as to operate in the heaviest work condition in every environment according to ISO specification. Typical features are the particularly simple and reliable construction, the special care in components material selection in order to reduce corrosion phenomenon. Linear Actuator can be supplied with helicoidal springs. For long strokes and low thrusts (gate valve) helicoidal springs are preferred.

Emergency Shut Down Valve

The Emergency Shutdown Valve (ESDV) controls process media flow and is responsible for isolating the supply of hazardous gasses and fluids within the pipeline in the event of an emergency. As a result, these valves provide more reliable performance than standard on-off valves.

Emergency Shutdown Valves Safety Features

■ Tight Shut Off With a double-seated design, ESDV’s are rated up to ANSI Class VI shutoff providing bubble tight shutoff.

■ Fire Safe In the event of an emergency, your assets may be exposed to fire, all ESDV’s are rated to API 607 Fire Safe.

■ Fast-Acting Quick response is critical to reducing escalation of hazards, ESDV’s can go from full-open to full close in less than a second.

■ Manual and Automatic Release Options Users have flexibility on resumption of system operation after shutdown.

■ Rugged Design Designed to withstand shocks and vibrations that could cause false trips, ensuring your systems is up and running when it needs to be

■ Customizable Configurations Several unique configurations can be engineered to meet your specific application’s needs

■ Certified Safety Integrity Level (SIL) per IEC 61508 The ESDV has been evaluated by an independent third party, those that have not been evaluated are relying solely on manufacturers’ product claims

■ Capable of Both Local and Remote Partial Stroke Test Users can minimize system disturbances to prevent and diagnose potential operational problems


The SITRANS RD500 is a remote data manager providing integrated web access, alarm event handling, and data capture for instrumentation.

The RD500 is an easy-to-use remote data manager, using a web-based application and hardware modules. The unique modular approach allows a variety of process signals to be monitored, while the serial ports allow data to be collected from any Modbus RTU device.

The RD500 comprises a master communications module, and up to 16 slave modules. Various module types are available, allowing up to a maximum of 128 conventional inputs and outputs. The RD500’s serial ports can collect data from up to 247 Modbus RTU slave devices including field instruments.

The RD500’s built-in web server, FTP, and email client allows the process to be monitored remotely. Alarm notifications are communicated through email and SMS text messages to one or more recipients to ensure that appropriate actions are taken by personnel.

The RD500 supports external modems, providing flexibility for applications in which cellular or landline connectivity is desired.

The RD500 is configured via a web-based interface – a standard browser is all the software you need to configure your system.

Key Applications: remote monitoring of inventory, process, and maintenance applications, with web access to field instrumentation


  • RD500 supports report and alarm events via email, SMS, and FTP transfer
  • Web server provides worldwide access to instrument data log and RD500 configuration and setup
  • Offers scalability with optional I/O modules for current (4 to 20 mA), voltage (0 to 10 V), thermocouple (TC), resistance temperature detector (RTD), and digital I/O
  • 10 base-TI 100 Base-TX ethernet and support for 3G, GSM, GPRS, and PSTN provide flexible remote communications options
  • Supports up to 128 devices with the flexible I/O modules and up to 247 Modbus serial devices
  • Integrated FTP server and client supports FTP data synchronization to central servers
  • Compact flash slot supports up to 2 Gigabytes of expandable memory for data capture and storage.
  • Log files formats are CSV (comma separated values) for data files and HTML for report files


The RD300 is a remote display for level, flow, pressure, weighing, and other process instruments. This display also acts as a multi-purpose, easy to use rate/totalizer ideal for flow rate, total, and control applications.

Data can be remotely collected, logged and presented on your local computer using the free downloadable RD Software.

The display accepts a single input of current and voltage. This makes the RD300 an ideal fit for use with most field instruments.

The RD300 can be set up as a standard panel mount, or combined with optional enclosures to allow it to house up to 6 displays.

  • Key Applications: Tank farms, pump alternation control, local or remote display of level, flow, pressure and weighing instrument values, PC monitoring and data logging with RD Software


  • Easy setup and programming via front panel buttons or remotely using RD software
  • Display readable in sunlight
  • Input: accepts current and voltage
  • Single or dual 24 V DC transmitter power supply
  • Serial communication using built in protocol or Modbus RTU
  • Supports up to 8 relays and 8 digital I/O for process control and alarming
  • 32-Point Linearization, square root or exponential linearization
  • Multi-pump alternation control
  • Supports total, grand total or non-resettable grand total
  • 9-digit totalizer with total overflow feature
  • Large dual-line 6-digit display
  • Configure, monitor, and datalog from a PC
  • Dual-Input option with math functions: addition, difference, average, multiplication, division, minimum, maximum, weighted average, ratio, concentration


The SITRANS RD200 is a universal input, panel mount remote digital display for process instrumentation.

The RD200 is a universal remote display for level, flow, pressure, temperature, weighing, and other process instruments. Data can be remotely collected, logged and presented from as many as 100 displays on your local computer using the free downloadable RD Software.

The display accepts a single input of current, voltage, thermocouple, and RTD. This makes the RD200 an ideal fit for use with most field instruments.

The RD200 can be set up as a standard panel mount, or combined with optional enclosures to allow it to house up to 6 displays.

Key Applications: tank farms, pump alternation control, local or remote display of level, temperature, flow, pressure and weighing instrument values, PC monitoring and data logging with RD Software.


  • Easy setup and programming via front panel buttons or remotely using RD software
  • Display readable in sunlight
  • Universal input: accepts current, voltage, thermocouple, and RTD signals
  • Single or dual 24 V DC transmitter power supply
  • Analog to Modbus RTU conversion as standard feature
  • Two optional relays for alarm indication or process control applications
  • Linear or square root function supported
  • Meter Copy feature to reduce setup time, cost, and errors
  • RD software supports remote configuration, monitoring and logging for up to 100 displays
  • Other features include: 4 to 20 mA Analog Output Option, pump alternation control, and optional NEMA 4 and 4X field enclosures
  • Large display option for improved visibility at greater distances

Pointek CLS100

Pointek CLS100 is a compact 2-wire inverse frequency shift capacitance switch for level detection in constricted spaces, interfaces, solids, liquids, slurries and foam.

Pointek CLS100’s short insertion length of 100 mm (4″) and versatility in various applications and in vessels or pipes makes it a good replacement for traditional capacitance sensors.

Its advanced tip-sensing technology provides accurate, repeatable switchpoint performance. The PPS (Polyphenylene sulfide) probe [optional PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride)] is chemically resistant with an effective process operating temperature range from -30 to +100 °C (-22 to +212 °F) (7ML5501), and -10 to +100 °C (+14 to +212 °F) (7ML5610). The fully potted design ensures reliability in a vibrating environment such as agitated tanks up to 4 g. When used with a SensGuard protection cover, the CLS100 is protected from shearing, impact and abrasion in tough primary processes.

The Pointek CLS100 is available in three versions. The integral cable version has a stainless steel process connection and probe options of PPS or PVDF. The fully synthetic version has a thermoplastic polyester enclosure with a PPS process connection combined with a PPS probe. The standard enclosure version has a thermoplastic polyester enclosure with a stainless steel process connection in combination with a PPS or PVDF probe.

Key Applications: liquids, slurries, powders, granules, food and pharmaceuticals, chemicals, hazardous areas


 Range 100mm (4″)
 Process Temperature -30 to 100 °C (-40 to 212 °F)
 Process Pressure Up to 10 bar g (145 psi g)


  • Easy installation with verification by built-in LED
  • Low maintenance with no moving parts
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Integrated cable or PBT enclosure versions available
  • Intrinsically Safe, Dust Ignition Proof and General Purpose options available


The bending ring load cell is particulary suitable for implementation in container, conveyor and platform scales.

Due to its high resolution this load cell can also be adapted to batching applications or legal-for trade scales.

SIWAREX WL280 RN-S SA meets as standard feature the accuracy class C3 according to OIML R60.

The load cell material is stainless steal and fulfills the degree of protection IP66 and IP68, therefore it resists even unfavorable environmental influences.

WL280 RN load cells with a rated load up to 13t are additionally equipped with integral overload protection.

Due to its low installation dimensions the load cell can be applied to a wide range of applications.

The huge number of mounting accessories like self-aligning bearing, elastomer bearing, guide elements, etc. facilitates the various use and provide a secure installation as well as an optimal flow of forces.


 Rated load 60kg, 130kg, 280kg, 0,5t 1t, 2t, 3,5t, 5t, 10t, 13t, 28t, 60t
 Accuracy class C3 accordingto OIML R60
 Degree of protection IP66/ IP68
 Material (DIN) Stainless steal, W.-Nr. 14542


  • Capable of calibration to OIML
  • Quick and simple installation with SIWAREX mounting devices

Mounting Unit SIWAREX WL270 CP-S SB

The compact mounting kit SIWAREX WL270 KE CP-S SB makes it easy to mount the load cell and allows for safe and reliable operation.

The mounting kit and the load cell are made of stainless steel and both can be installed in aggressive environments. The mounting kit is delivered pre-assembled and it can be used as a mounting “dummy” for your application. As the load cell is at this point not included it is possible to undertake welding or other installation work without risk of damaging the load cell. Inserting the load cell is child’s play: First release the clamp allowing you to insert the load cell. After that, the clamp can be tightened – the load cell is now fixed. Last step is to lower the load carrier, which is done via hex-nuts in a very safe and controlled way.

The design is self-aligning and allows horizontal displacements up to 8 mm. Additional safety features include the integrated overload protection and lift lock. If the load cell is damaged in any way, it can be replaced by lifting the top plate of the mounting kit and exchanging the load cell.


 Material stainless steel


  • Ease of mounting the load cell. 
  • Applicable as mounting and welding “dummy”. 
  • Self aligning, allowing a maximum horizontal displacement of 8 mm. 
  • Lift lock integrated. 
  • Easy replacement of load cell.

Load cell SIWAREX WL270 CP-S SA

The compression load cell SIWAREX WL270 CP-S SA is a compact load cell, offering rated loads of 10t, 20t, 30t and 50t. The load cell is optimal for use in small and medium sized containers or truck scales. It is available with the accuracy class of C3 according to OIML R60.

With the according SIWAREX mounting unit a quick and simple installation is easily possible. Additionally the mounting device can be used as dummy for safe welding works.


Rated load10, 20, 30, 50t
Accuracy classC3 according to OIML R60
Degree of protectionIP68
MaterialStainless Steel


  • legal for trade
  • easy and quick installation with SIWAREX mounting units
  • options for use in hazardous areas are in preparation

Load cell SIWAREX WL260 SP-S SA

The platform load cell SIWAREX WL260 SP-S SA is made of stainless steel and hermetically sealed.

With a grade of protection of IP68 it is expecially suitable for use in raw environments.

One can realize platform scales ranging from 5kg to 200kg with a maximum platform size of 400x400mm. For use in legal for trade applications an option is in preparation.


 Rated load 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 kg
 Accuracy class C3 according to OIML R60
 Resolution  7.500
 Degree of protection IP67
 Sensor material (DIN) Stainless steel


  • particularly suitable for raw environments
  • platform size up to 400x400mm