SCEC Approved Class B and Class C Security Cabinets

B&R is proud to release Ausrack CQr, the latest range of Class B and Class C security cabinets. Ausrack CQr has been designed to meet and pass the recent SCEC guideline changes, and is included in the latest Security Equipment Evaluated Products List (SEEPL).

As B&R’s certified SCEC approved product, Ausrack CQr has been redeveloped to the highest standard in order to deliver Tier 3 and Tier 4 level security for Australian Government agencies and private enterprises.

With this new design, B&R can now offer the widest and tallest door mesh area allowed under SCEC requirements. B&R has also developed a unique way to solve your side-to-side airflow requirements for switches such as the Cisco 7000 series.

Featuring a comprehensive range of accessories, including specially designed cable management, Ausrack CQr cabinets can be adapted to suit any application needs.

If you can’t find a solution that’s right for you, contact B&R and our team of designers will work with you to engineer a fully customised product.