Emergency Shut Down Valve

The Emergency Shutdown Valve (ESDV) controls process media flow and is responsible for isolating the supply of hazardous gasses and fluids within the pipeline in the event of an emergency. As a result, these valves provide more reliable performance than standard on-off valves.

Emergency Shutdown Valves Safety Features

■ Tight Shut Off With a double-seated design, ESDV’s are rated up to ANSI Class VI shutoff providing bubble tight shutoff.

■ Fire Safe In the event of an emergency, your assets may be exposed to fire, all ESDV’s are rated to API 607 Fire Safe.

■ Fast-Acting Quick response is critical to reducing escalation of hazards, ESDV’s can go from full-open to full close in less than a second.

■ Manual and Automatic Release Options Users have flexibility on resumption of system operation after shutdown.

■ Rugged Design Designed to withstand shocks and vibrations that could cause false trips, ensuring your systems is up and running when it needs to be

■ Customizable Configurations Several unique configurations can be engineered to meet your specific application’s needs

■ Certified Safety Integrity Level (SIL) per IEC 61508 The ESDV has been evaluated by an independent third party, those that have not been evaluated are relying solely on manufacturers’ product claims

■ Capable of Both Local and Remote Partial Stroke Test Users can minimize system disturbances to prevent and diagnose potential operational problems